Monday, June 30, 2008

Seriously, Reggie? Really?

Look, I'm no fashion guru or anything (and if I were I sure as shit would be parlaying that into more money than I make now) but that "shirt" is an abomination.

Anybody else reminded of the opening of "The Longest Yard" remake, where Courtney Cox tries to make Adam Sandler wear a goofy looking sailor suit at one of her posh parties? Life has imitated art. And by "art" I mean steaming pile of dogshit movie that was not all.

You can skip to 2:29 on this video to understand my point.

(Hat tips: Faded Youth Blog for the original post and for The Big Lead for putting it up so I could find it.)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

Which is more shocking:

A) That Hulk Hogan's ex-wife, who looks like she's closer to 50 than she is 40, is now dating a 19-year-old blonde jabroni...


B) That Hulk Hogan, the 'Real American Hero,' joined the NWO...


C) That the Los Angeles Lakers blew a 24-point lead against the Boston Celtics, AT HOME, and now trail in the NBA Finals three games to one...


D) Some asshole wrote a book alleging that Churchill and Roosevelt were just as responsible for World War II as Hitler.

Seriously, what's more shocking? I have no clever answer for this one...
Look, if I had to vote, gun to my head with Puffy screaming, "Vote or Die!" ... then I'd take option 'B' ... I mean, there's always some yahoo out there claiming the Holocaust didn't exist, right? So you're sort of mentally predisposed to having to shrug off stupidity like that. And as for Option A, there's nothing that the Hogan family could do that would shock me.

As for Option C...I still think it's entirely plausible that the series could still go seven games.

But Hulkamania going from red and yellow to black and white was positively jarring.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Marge Simpson Bet

Remember that episode of 'The Simpsons' where Marge is at the horse track and asks (paraphrasing): "Can't I just bet that all the horses have fun?" The guy behind the counter points her in the direction of the "Lame Bets" line.

Well, count me in the "can't we just root for good, competitive games?" camp for this NBA Finals.

I expect the Lakers to win in 6, but I'm rooting for Kevin Garnett to get a ring. Shit would be so much easier if Simmons wasn't from Boston...

Will Smith, coming soon to a backfield near you!

Tom Mantzouranis of AOL Sports wrote yesterday that Will Smith is close to signing a new deal. Read more. Good.

In other is slow for me and the Ralpha Dog.

Oh, I see 'Big Daddy Drew' revealed his identity to the world. Not quite Peter Parker taking off his Spider-Man mask, but hey, at last Drew's got a book coming out in the fall. Beat that, web slinger!