Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kyle Orton--destroyer of dreams

As the rest of you I was forced to watch Lovie Smith play the first retard at QB in an NFL game.

(Nothing against tards...I love those helmet wearing, juice drinking, 45 IQ having kids...I just go fucking nuts when one is playing QB for a team I need to win)

Granted Orton looks like a lumberjack but his beard didn't help him say..complete a pass.

Nice 4th and one throw Kyle....the guy holding the 1st down marker was wide open....my bad.

While Tarvaris Jackson was crapping the bed, and looking like the bastard son of Aaron Brooks...you blew it.

I survived Katrina but I nearly decided to drink Draino out of a Martini glass last night so I wouldn't have to suffer anymore of that Dung Pile ESPN said was a Monday Night Football game.

I never thought watching a Bears game I'd long for the Sex Cannon or Brian Greise but you managed to do it....fuck you Kyle Orton.

Well, Saints fans it's time to root for 'Mixed Drink' Todd Collins of the Skins and Trent Edwards of Buffalo....

Good God counting on crappy QB's to fulfill our playoff dreams is like waiting for Britney Spears to learn to fucking read.

All these Shitty QB's are testing my will to live.

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