Thursday, April 10, 2008

Was CP3 Created in a Lab By Dr. Light?

Look, the comparisons between Chris Paul and Mega Man are there: both are small and agile, each wears a blue uniform, and both wield some pretty mean, badass weapons: the no look pass and arm cannon, respectively. If only CP3 could get away with using a cannon on his left arm to disintegrate defenders, though...but I digress.

I bring this up because Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports asked this question in his latest column: "Still, Bryant is an MVP. He’s been the best player, a three-time champion and voters must ask themselves: If I don’t vote for him this year, what will it ever take?"

He goes on to say that Bryant does not need an historical context to claim the award, but then why bother mention the fact that he's a three-time champion, Adrian? And why bother to mention that Chris Paul has never been in the playoffs? You're looking for some sort of historical context right there, buddy...!

To answers your question, "What will it ever take" for Kobe to win the MVP Award? Well, there's only one answer: when there isn't somebody else who's More Valuable than him Playing in the league. Chris Paul is more valuable to the Hornets than any other player in the league, respective to their teams.

And again, I hate beating a dead horse here, but...CP3 IS HAVING ARGUABLY THE BEST SEASON EVER FOR A POINT GUARD.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go into my think tank to figure out who to compare all the Mega Man robots to...Would Tyson Chandler qualify as Bomb Man and thus make David West the Ice Man? And I guess that makes Dr. Light out to be Coach Byron Scott then...

Oh, and will I compare Jannero Pargo to...?

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