Friday, July 11, 2008

Things I Love: Angela Hill's Saints' Pick

All blogs seem to be so negative (or, at least, that's what 'The Man' would have you believe.) "You suck! That sucks! Fuck her! Fuck him! Why can't Skip Bayless get cancer? Okay, that last one is negative, but oh so fun to think about.

So I'm here to start an occasional segment talking about things I love. It might be sports-related (Superdome nachos) or it might not (scotch).

On my first edition of 'Things I Love' -- WWL-TV anchor Angela Hill's Weekly Saints pick.

Sure, you might mock that she has never ever picked against the Saints and apparently believes the more stuffed animals, trinkets, or stupid fucking stuff viewers send in that she brings on camera, the better chance the Saints have of winning.

Mock her if you will, but for 20 seconds each week, even when the Saints are 3-9 and a 10 point underdog on the road, I believe they will win.

Why? Because Angela Hill's stuffed doll wearing a Saints shirt told me so. Do you doubt the power of Angela's stuffed inanimate object? (insert lewd jokes.)

Unlike you heartless bastards of little faith, I believe; at least until she goes to commercial break and I get my bookie on the phone to bet a against the Saints in five team teaser.

Don't you ever change, Angela.

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