Wednesday, January 2, 2008

See Assholes, I was brilliant

Hello all you Katrina surviving losers.

I see on all your nerd like message boards you are whining about Gary Gibbs and how crappy his defense is.

HAHA. See over here in St. Louis I'm building a heckofa defensive unit.

My Rams ranked way ahead of your beloved Saints in every Category.

And if you take away all of the long touchdowns we allowed, we'd have been the best defense in history.

Oh, yeah and we kicked the crap out of Drew Bress, didn't we Rick?

(Rick Venturi removes his head from Haslett's ass and nods in agreement)

I won you idiots a playoff game and gave you nearly a decade of incredible mediocrity and you don't appreciate the Haz-man

Nearly every linebacker I drafted was going to be spectacular, except for the fact they couldn't tackle, lineup correctly or in Courtney Brown's case drink less than two six packs of Coors a day.

Plus I hear Cie Grant is tearing shit up in some semi pro league in Ohio....that mother fucker could fucking hit like a train at Ohio State. All he needed was a brain and to not have the knees of an 80 year old woman.

Anyway, I'm off topic you losers.

My point was to say hello and did you hear I'm going to get interviewed for the Ravens job?

I'm the mother fucking Haz-man and I'm out

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