Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not our best eegra, O my brothers...

You Saints seem to have had a baddiwad time today. Cost me plenty pretty polly, too. Bog himself must've put a merzky curse on you for rubbin' and brosayin' all that cal on those motorcars a couple weeks ago.

The malchicks on defense had a real horrorshow performance against that sod Jeff Garcia, keepin' him to just 9-of-23 passin' for only 119 yards and a touchdown. And you tolchocked him real good a few times. Zammechat rabbit, droogs. 'Betcha he was real fagged after that, eh? Prolly needs his devotchka to ice him right 'bout now.

And I 'specially liked how Jonathan Vilma crasted that sharry away from Bucs receiver Michael Clayton early on. Real horrorshow!

But that don't matter, cause the eegra was lost on offense. If I may have a slovo or two with you, Coach Payton, I'd like to offer my soviet: quit so being so damn nadmenny with the sharry! I was creeching all bezoomy cause you didn't run the bleedin' sharry enough!

Yeah, I know, Mister Reggie Bush didn't do cal today. I'm sure all the haters are smecking over that pitiful performance. Maybe he don't care cause he's got a right fine devotchka rubbing his yarbles. If he's even GOT any yarbles!! He better learn to skorry north and south, and shivy out this east and west cal. And right quick, too!

That's not to say they didn't have a chance to win, Coach Payton. The Bucs gave the Saints a whole lots of raz to move the sharry down the field. You put it in Drew's rookers to lead the droogs. And what happened? They snuffed it. Over was the eegra. No more govoreetin' about the playoffs. And the vecks who didn't think Drew Brees was em-vee-pee can really have a good smeck of things.

Well, you got two choices, Coach: you can either filly about with malenky effort for the rest of the season, or you can give it a rally and govereet to your droogs that kicking the Falcons, Bears, Lions and Panthers' zoobies in and putting the razdrez to them is so worth it.

What's it gonna be then, eh?

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Chris H. said...

I'm starting to wonder if Jim Hasslet couldn't do a better job with all the talent Peyton has on this team. That's pretty sad.