Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Um...time to bask in the healing light of Jason David?

Yeah, so back when I lived in New Orleans and went to Saints games in 2006 and 2007, one of my season-ticket compatriots was always waiting for Jason David to fuck up. Actually, we all were; he was just far more vocal about it. I think he spent as much time keying in on #42 than the rest of us put together, very quick to point out his on the field foibles.

"The fucker's playing eight yards off his man!"
"Fucking David can't get into a foot race with his guy!"
"Way to miss that tackle, fucko!"
"JAY-son FUCK-ing DAY-vid!"

It usually involved some iteration of the word "fuck." And, for the most part, those "fucks" have been well justified. Hell, even early in the game you could have dropped a casual negative tone of "fuck!" when discussing Jason David. Late in the first quarter, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tossed a deep pass to a wide open Greg Jennings, who couldn't get under the ball in time and let the ball seemingly slip through his fingers. Had Jennings caught the ball, it would have been an easy six points. Who did I see on the TV chasing after Jennings? Jason David.

And yet the football gods were smiling down on the Saints secondary, because guys seemed to be making tackles and opposing players dropped two deep balls.

Sure enough, in the third quarter, David became a hero to all in the Superdome and even showed off his soft shoe dancing skills after one pick. I could tell the crowd was really behind #42's excellent fortune and that made me happy.

After that first interception I almost texted Ralph, "Can you fucking believe this?" But I opted to hold off, knowing that even though the Saints were up by 17, fate does not like it when you tempt his ass. So I waited. Until the Saints' last touchdown of the game with about nine minutes left in the fourth.

Ralph texted me later that night: "Dude, Jason fucking David!" And this time, the fucking was one of awe and delighted bewilderment.

I told Ralph I was going to vote Jason David as the NFL's Defensive Player of the Week on NFL.com, and I would encourage all who read this to do the same. Yeah, he'll probably lose out to Ed Reed who returned an interception 108 yards for a touchdown, but I don't care. The fact is, people expect great things from Ed Reed, even if he is getting up there in years. Nobody in the Superdome would have ever predicted or realistically thought Jason David would get two picks and nearly take one back to the house.

Vote now for Jason David.

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