Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playoff picks! And random predictions.

(Note: Home team in bold. And I'm picking straight up winners, none of this point spread crap. That's for douchebags not named "Ralph.")

Indianapolis Colts 31, San Diego Chargers17
1. LT spends the end of the game sulking on the sidelines with his helmet on.
2. Philip Rivers throws two interceptions.
3. Joseph Addai goes for more than 140 total yards.

Minnesota Vikings 21, Philadelphia Eagles 13
1. Brad Childress demonstrates poor clock management in the first half; Andy Reid counters with poor clock management in the second half.
2. The Eagles fail to convert once crossing into the red zone.
3. Donovan McNabb throws a backbracking interception in the fourth quarter.

Miami Dolphins 13, Baltimore Ravens 9
1. Joe Flacco craps the bed in his first playoff game, throwing for under 150 yards and two picks.
2. Miami wins the game on the ground.
3. Joey Porter STILL feels disrespected.

Atlanta Falcons 24, Arizona Cardinals 20
1. Entering the playoffs on a roll? Good. Backing into the playoffs? Bad. Cards make it look close at the end with a garbage time touchdown.
2. Michael Turner rushes for three touchdowns.
3. Kurt Warner commits two turnovers.

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