Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some stuff happened...

--Drew Brees named Offensive Player of the Year. No one notices. It's like winning one of those "technical" Academy Awards, the ones that aren't even telecasted in real time, they just recorded some hot actress handing you a statue. I'm still pissed Brees didn't receive ONE FUCKING VOTE.

--I opined that Gary Gibbs SHOULD be fired, but that he likely WOULD NOT be fired. I wrote all this in a column published on Canal Street Chronicles. Of course, the dude got shit-canned the day after it went up. Oh well.

--With Gibbs gone, my "Guy Who Knows A Guy" has told me about two of the following people's names being batted around the Saints HQ on Airline Drive:

Miami Dolphins Asst. head coach Todd Bowles
former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli
Patriots def. consultant Dom capers
Panthers DB coach Tim Lewis
Bengals DC Mike Zimmer
Eagles DB coach Sean McDermott
Titans LBs coach Dave McGinnis

So help me Christ, if Sean Payton is even CONSIDERING bringing Rod "Epic Fail" Marinelli to this franchise, they can both expect to get the Rob Parker treatment from here on out. (Note: Yes, I thought Parker's "Do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive coordinator?" question was fucking hilarious. Get over it.)

On this list though, I guess I like Todd Bowles and Dave McGinnis; that's just me making guesses.

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