Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bad credit? No credit? Jermon Bushrod says, "No problem!"

Found this on Twitter the other day...

Hmmmm...I wonder what that would be like... (strokes imaginary beard)

NARRATOR: At Frankie & Jermon's we offer low prices and home delivery! Bad credit? No credit? NO PROBLEM!! Frankie & Jermon's can help you even if you've filed bankruptcy or just get by on food stamps. And our knowledgable sales team will help YOU find the right living room set or bedroom set TO-DAY!

FRANKIE: Can I help you?

OLIN: Um, yeah...I'm kinda new in town and need to get some furniture.

FRANKIE: Do you have any credit?

OLIN: Dude, I'm making, like, two million dollars this year. OF COURSE I've got credit!


BUSHROD: Let'em have it!

FRANKIE: He's got it!

OLIN: Oh...okay. That was easy, I guess...


FRANKIE: Can I help you, sir?

PAYTON: Yeah, I recently moved all my furniture to Dallas and need some new stuff in my New Orleans home. Our old long snapper recommended we shop here.

FRANKIE: Do you have any credit?

PAYTON: What, you mean credit cards? Yeah, I got like 20 of them.

FRANKIE: Well you STILL gonna hafta see the special Jerod!

BUSHROD: Let coach have it!

NO PROBLEM GUY: With noooooooooooooooooooo problem!!

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