Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unofficial Pop Culture Tournament for the Also-Rans

So The Big Lead launched its 2011 Cultural Tournament last week. I was more than giddy over looking at the seeds and voting and what not. (Note: I'm a loser who gets giddy about a sports blog posting a nonsensical NCAA-style tournament about things in the sports/pop culture world. Fuck off.)

After looking through the seeds and basically accepting the fact that The Wonder Years will be on this from the end of time and that Kate Upton is lock of the century, I noticed many of the commenters were more than disconcerted by the entrants? "Where's Game of Thrones?" they cried. "How can Marv Albert be seeded beneath Gus Johnson?!" And so forth.

Well, after reading through several of the tournament posts on The Big Lead I decided to try and remedy this in some small way. With permission from the head honcho at TBL, I created an NIT-style tourney, featuring as many things that I could think of involving the pop culture/sports world that did not make The Big Lead's Culture Tourney.

Hey, remember the song "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something?

Yeah, you hate me for reminding you. But if TBL is the band riding around on the back of a flatbed truck, I'm the bozos who saw that happening and thought, "We should do that, too!" And then we'd get a crappy pickup truck and ride around the back of that.

Yes, this is a half-assed attempt at ... something. I love the Culture Tourney and missed it when it didn't run last year. And I didn't want too many of the natives over in TBL land to "not get it" and lambast away at the guy. So maybe I'm doing this because it's a) fun to come up with entrants b) easy because I'm lazy c) copying as a form of flattery d) all of the above.

So here's the rules:

-16 "matches" featuring 32 entrants.

-The polls on this here page will be up for 5/6 days before a winner is declared.

-How do you decide who/what to vote for? Vote however you feel like voting. If you think it's "What do I like more?" then vote that way. If you think it's "What do I hate more?" then vote accordingly. It's all lagniappe, folks. This is to give folks who felt shafted that Game of Thrones and the Whip My Hair GIF girl didn't get any love in the TBL big tourney.

-These things are NOT seeded in any way, shape or form. It's a loose collection of references and things I hope people will care to vote for or against.

Here is the tournament lay out:

Bill Simmons' Twitter feed
CM Punk's Twitter feed

Unnecessary 3D effects in movies
Greenlighting sequels to awful movies

The Royal Wedding
The Kardashian Wedding


Brett Favre retiring (again)
Randy Moss retiring

Sending dick pics to someone other than your wife
Cheating in your fantasy football league

Game of Thrones
Watch the Throne

The term "Gladwellian"
The phrase "low 7 figures"

"Charlie Sheen is a train wreck!" jokes
"Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck!" jokes

Justin Timberlake making fun of Joe Buck
Artie Lange making fun of Joe Buck

Voting FOR something
Voting AGAINST something

Ron Swanson
Jack Donaghey

Tressel-Pryor Gate
Da U Controversy

Talking yourself into "playoffs!" this year
Dismissing critics with "it's only the preseason!"

Giving a +1
Using 'FTW'

Whip Your Hair girl GIF
Soccer hot

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