Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chain Gang: Too soon edition

Each week here at Hakim we bring together a group of Saints bloggers to discuss all things Saints during the week. Here is their email chain. This week we had Grandmaster Wang from moosedenied, Dave Cariello , Andrew Juge and Hansdat from Canal Street Chronicles, and Ralph Malbrough from Oh and the boss man Kevin Held.This week the Boss man was busy doing actual blog posts and Wang, Andrew and Ralph had previews to write. So we'll call this a micro chain about kicker fears, corners and what the hell was Payton doing carrying two fullbacks? Oh and is it too soon for 9/11 jokes?

Ralph Malbrough:

Wang, I'll have to take about 200 words out of my preview column now because of one of my stories for 2011 was everytime the Saints struggled or the Cowboys struggled we'd hear, "Payton's going to Dallas. My mother's hair dresser's gardener's maid's doctor is totally plugged in with the Saints and he say's it a DONE DEAL."
Oh well. I suspect Brees extension will be done in short order.
Nice way to start the week with good news.
Saints seem relatively healthy. I have to say if Payton Manning isn't healthy the Saints first 8 games look like a pretty workable schedule. And if Josh Freeman doesn't match last year then it's better than that.
Andrew I think your question about Kasey are valid but at this point what is the alternative that's better?
The Saints should be healthy going into Green Bay so to me the key is can the Saints defense win on first down. If the Packers are able to run the ball even half decent then Saints are in trouble because I think Will Smith loss is huge.
Am I right to think think Saints fans are vastly over rating our corners? I feel like they aren't getting enough scrutiny.

Kevin Held:
Hey, so after watching the "Back to Football" commercial with the nice folksy music, I have only one question: do you think the Saints could sign that high school kid to be their place kicker? He seemed to have pretty good distance on the kick-off.
/Hopes "#waitingforjasper" will become a new hashtag on twitter

Andrew Juge:
My main deal going into this is Cam Jordan and Turk McBride being our starting defensive ends. That scares the crap out of me. In fact, I need to check my drawers. The Packers aren't an elite running team. If the Saints can't stop the run, forget it. Game over. Can we just feed Cam and Turk a boatload of water pills? I understand that improves performance greatly or gives you a hernia... not sure which. I think we're going to have to score... A LOT. I just hope the Saints aren't stuck with any 4th and 4's at the Packers' 27 because then I'm going to be REALLY uncomfortable. Thanks for going all "et tu, Brute" on us Garrett. Seriously, thanks a lot, appreciate that. Nate Bussey really appreciates your injury too. 2 kickers on the freaking roster. Unbelievable. We haven't even lost a game yet and I'm already pissed. And 2 fullbacks?? What is that?!? What's next, we cut Johnny Patrick for Sean Canfield?
On a more positive note, I think Jimmy Graham is going to make a statement. Statement game for him. I'm going to go out of a limb with a random prediction and say that Graham has to seriously outperform
Jermichael Finley for the Saints to win. I believe he will. 8 catches, 78 yards, 2 touchdowns. Finley out of the game by the 2nd quarter. Boom!

Ralph Malbrough:

Well I picked Green Bay in my column for the exact reasons you said Andrew. In the words of Ben Affleck in Mall Rats,"I hope John Kasey doesn't fuck us in an uncomfortable place, like the back of a Volkswagon."
I'm going to be in complete denial about Kasey being a problem until he shanks a 37 yd FG in a game that counts. It makes for a much harder crash but right now I'm like a tourist in New York City on Sept 10.
The Saints will need to catch a break or to to win this game as I just think the crowd and team will be incredibly hyped up. We've seen the Saints get steam rolled by momentum in this spot before. Remember the beat down in Indy to start 2007? The saints were in the game at the half then boom it went to shit.
I'm not optimistic about Thursday but I'm actually very upbeat about the season prospects.
Saints need to create a combination of sacks and turnovers that equal 6 to win this game. Do that and win on first down on offense/defense and they are 1-0.
I just don't see it. I do see Mark Ingram having a very good game as he will be goal line guy and Top 15 fantasy back.
Kevin Held:
"It makes for a much harder crash but right now I'm like a tourist in New York City on Sept 10."

Ralph Malbrough:

Gilbert Godfried disagrees

Kevin Held:

I was setting you up for an "Aristocrats" joke there....

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