Saturday, November 24, 2007

No. 1 no more!

Day late. Don't care.
LSU falls to Arkansas in a thrilling triple-overtime game Friday afternoon. In a season of upsets, this one might crack the top five. LSU's other loss, to Kentucky, doesn't even register as an upset since the Tigers were playing on the road against a ranked conference foe. But a loss at home to an unranked Arkansas team? Different story altogether. I kept waiting for somebody to explain to me how LSU could get beat by a team who's starting quarterback--Casey Dick--went only 10 of 18 for 94 yards and 1 passing TD?

And then I realized...LSU wasn't playing like a number one team. Injuries had taken their toll on the LSU roster, and the SEC is already a tough nut (no Arkansas pun intended) to crack when your team is healthy, let alone when you've got defenders dropping like flies.

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