Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Oh, you didn't know...?"

Rather than call it, 'Better Know a Draft Prospect,' or something similar, I went with the old WWF reference. Think I made the right call...

Anywho, here's who the Saints have with their two selections, along with five things you probably did not already know about them:

Malcolm Jenkins, Cornerback, Ohio State

-Likes to sing 'Down with the Sickness' at karaoke night.
-Favorite 'SNL' alum? Oddly enough, a toss-up between Melanie Hutsell and Victoria Jackson.
-Once killed a man in a knife fight. Slit the poor bastard from "neck to nuts." Was inspired to do so by endlessly watching "City Slickers" last summer. Although, he absolutely loathes "City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold."
-Wanted to join the tea party protests a couple weeks back, until he learned that his preconceived notion of "tea bagging" was WAY different than theirs.
-Joined a midnight dodgeball league back at OSU, where he set a record for 'most induced nosebleeds'.

Chip Vaughn, Safety, Wake Forest

-Would be more than happy to give you directions, even if he's not entirely sure how to get there.
-Can't decide whether to write fan fiction based on either the novel 'World War Z' or the television series 'Eureka.'
-Favorite word: 'apoplectic' (for reasons unknown)
-Spends his off-days at Men's Warehouse.
-The critic who said one of Vaughn's weaknesses was, "Surrounded by a great deal of talent at Wake Forest," failed to realize that THIS was the talent:

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