Friday, August 28, 2009

Jeremy Shockey: Philosopher King

From Jeremy Shockey's Twitter account:

"today you will never get back.... what did you do????"
3:14 PM Aug 26th from web

Wise words from a wise man. For he is truly a leader of men (well, mostly women) and one who can identify with us common plebs. Why, not twenty-three minutes earlier, he wrote:

"Just got home from practice.... setting on sofa tunr into sleeping on sofa haha.. how is everyone?"
2:51 PM Aug 26th from web

To paraphrase the great poet Rudyard Kipling, the mighty J-Shock is able to walk with kings but not lose the common touch that is crashing on one's couch on a lazy afternoon.

For this is a man who knows and enjoys the finer things in life...

"just got my 69 dodge charger R/T in new orleans... lets race!!!!!!!"
4:05 PM Aug 23rd from web

But is no stranger to wants, desires and missed opportunities.

"would loved to have meet Torrie Wilson the ex wrestler"
9:28 AM Aug 22nd from web

The wise man understands that there is always work to be done...

"sleeping is for the dead!!!!"
3:43 AM Aug 18th from web

And places high value on individuality and the virtues of being one.

"whatever floats your boat.. we all cant be the same if we were what a boring place this would be"
11:17 AM Aug 8th from web

And let's never forget: it's good to be the king sometimes.

"damn vanessa came out with some more nude photos!! Going to hurt her chances for playboy hhaha"
12:16 PM Aug 5th from web


In other, non-philosopher king news, I cannot recommend enough Bradley Handwerger's piece on Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove.

And everyone's favorite feline aficionado won the punting gig this week. Huzzah for Tommy Morstead! Thundercats, ho!

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