Friday, December 4, 2009

Drew Brees = Meast.

So anyone that's visited this fine site has seen my "Great Moments in Drew Brees History" posts. Well, the boys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber (a hilariously offensive football blog) have named Drew Brees their "Meast of the Week" (Meast = Man Beast).

Really, the comments section on that story is full of gems like:

--Drew Brees will absolutely spot you 5 bucks, and waive you off when you try to pay him back.

--If it were down to a big piece of chicken and a wing, Drew Brees would let you have the big piece.

--Drew Brees knows the Secret Santa price cap was set at $20, but he’ll be happy to spend a little more to get you something you would really enjoy.

--Drew Brees will split the dinner bill, even though he just had a water.

Fun times for all!


Peter Falconer said...

He can do no wrong in my eyes. If I ever get the chance to buy him a drink for all the joy he's brought to my household I surely would... but no doubt he'd want to split the cost of the year... or just get a round in for the whole bar!

Here's hoping for more of the same tomorrow. All the best.

luc schouten said...

Great player, but a better all-around man!