Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NFL Power Rankings (Week 15)

I obviously don't have a formula for this, but it's some kind off half-assed "strength of schedule" meets "who would win on a neutral field?" discussion. I've decided to add select comments to a few teams. We all know who's at the top of the list, but hey let's go through the motions until we get there, all right? Know what sucked about these rankings in particular this week? Most teams just feel right into place, making it look a little too easy for everyone. There weren't many instances of a team with fewer wins ranked ahead of a team with more wins, etc.

And your pictures for today are of "adult film actress" (thanks Sports Night!) Lisa Ann. She's got, uh, nice eyes.

32. St. Louis Rams (1-13)
31. Kansas City Chiefs (3-11): Congrats to Missouri, which has the two worst teams in football. Seems like the "Gateway to the West" is more like the "Gateway to Suck." Thanks, I'm here all week. Try the veal!
30. Washington Redskins (4-10): Sorry, but this franchise is a God damn embarrassment to organized sports. And the how f*ck do they just roll over for the Giants but try and do their best Buster Douglas impression against the Saints?
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-12)
28. Detroit Lions (2-12): Yep, I'm ranking the Lions ahead of teams with better records and a team that won last week while they (the Lions) lost. The Lions played the Arizona "Divisional Round Upset" Cardinals down to the wire. That gets you cred.
27. Cleveland Browns (3-11): Really? I have to rank Cleveland this high?
26. Seattle Seahawks (5-9)
25. Chicago Bears (5-9): The guys at Kissing Suzy Kolber have been having a field day with Jay Cutler all year long.
24. Buffalo Bills (5-9): They played the Patriots tough, so I'll rank them ahead of Chicago.
23. San Francisco 49ers (6-8)
22. Oakland Raiders (5-9): Can the Raiders climb out of this...wait for it..."Black Hole" and into the second tier of teams in my rankings? HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR!
21. New York Jets (7-7): Way to hold a visiting team to 10 points and STILL find a way to lose. Fucking idiots...

20. Carolina Panthers (6-8): The check is in the mail, John Fox.
19. Miami Dolphins (7-7)
18. Atlanta Falcons (7-7)
17. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7): Playing at a neutral site might be beneficial to the Jaguars.
16. Houston Texans (7-7)
15. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7): Congrats, Super Bowl Champs: you're back to .500, now sit down and shut the fuck up.
14. Denver Broncos (8-6)
13. Tennessee Titans (7-7): AFC teams better hope these guys don't sneak into the playoffs.
12. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)
11. Green Bay Packers (9-5): Couldn't you have beaten those ass hat Steelers, for fuck's sake?

10. New York Giants (8-5)
9. New England Patriots (9-5)
8. Dallas Cowboys (9-5): Beating an undefeated team moves you up a few spots in the rankings, I don't care who you are. Sincerely, Mark Schlareth.
7. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5): Tough road loss.
6. Arizona Cardinals (9-5)
5. Philadelphia Eagles (10-4)
4. Minnesota Vikings (11-3): Dear Brad Childress, Thanks for getting into a pissing contest with Brett Favre and blowing the Panthers game. Signed, New Orleans Saints fans. (Do I owe Jim Rome a dollar for this?)
3. New Orleans Saints (13-1): That's right, I'm ranking them below the Chargers. If the Saints win they can get back into 2nd place. Hell, if they blow out Tampa and the Colts either lose or escape with an ugly win, I might even bring them back to the top.
2. San Diego Chargers (11-3): This team is flying under the radar it seems. And they're a two-seed in the AFC.
1. Indianapolis Colts (14-0)

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