Monday, September 28, 2009

Your "good" just isn't good enough

Memo to all the teams in the NFL: You can hold Drew Brees to less than 200 yards passing and no touchdowns, and even force a fumble, but that still won't be good enough to get the win.

Your offense can post 30 points and that might not be good enough.

Your special teams can run a surprise play and score a touchdown off a fake field goal, but that isn't going to cut it.

Your run defense will still be exploited by multiple backs. Holes will be discovered in your pass defense.

Last week, I saw the Miami Dolphins hold the Indianapolis Colts to less than 15 minutes of possession AND STILL LOSE. I saw the Dolphin players with a "what more can we possibly do here?" look on their faces. Same thing with the Bills yesterday.

That's a good look, Terrell.

To beat the Saints, an opponent will have to play great in ALL PHASES of the game or hope the Saints just have a catastrophic day in two of the three phases (one of which HAS to be the offense).

You're on notice, NFL: the Saints are no longer "coming." They're "here," assholes.

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