Sunday, October 18, 2009

We gonna party like it's 1993!

Okay, so the Saints are 5-0 for the first time since 1993. Well, let's look back and see just what was going on in the world in 1993:

-- World population: 5.5 billion people.

--The World Wide Web is "born." Al Gore is super, super cereal this time! Somewhere, a computer nerd is jacking it to binary code.

--Wacko in Waco, Texas. Yikes.

--Andre the Giant died.

--Church of Scientology granted full tax exemption. In other, old, white men heading up powerful companies, hide their money in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

--The top grossing film was Jurassic Park, with over $350 million.

--Former President Bill Clinton was inaugurated. For his FIRST term.

--In the midst of the birth of the grunge musical revolution of the early 90s, Eddie Vedder is arrested in New Orleans for alleged public drunkenness following a bar room brawl.

--NAFTA approved, giving Dana Carvey added use on Saturday Night Live with his Ross Perot impression.

--The band Faster Pussycat breaks up, forever scarring the mind of one young fan: Thomas Morstead.

--Cost of a first-class stamp: 29 cents.

--World Trade Center bombing.

--Pablo Escobar gunned down in Medellin, Columbia. This would eventually lead to some of the worst episodes of "Entourage."

--MTV still showing full-length music videos, with a show like "Real World" merely on the periphery.

--13-year-old boy accuses Michael Jackson of fondling him. (Wait, I said 1993, right? ZING! ... Too soon?)

--Saints draft Willie Roaf in the first round of the '93 draft with the eighth overall pick.

--Sim City 2000 and X-Com are released on the PC, taking up nearly all of my time as a 13-year-old.

--David Letterman moved to CBS. Conan O'Brien took over Late Night.

--The show Double Dare came to an end. But where will I get my physical challenges?!? Wait...what is this show Guts about again?

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