Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A big, hearty f*ck you...

In light of the Saints' improbable run to the Super Bowl and victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, the following is a list of people that can go fuck themselves. I will add select commentary behind some entries, because sometimes it's important to know why a guy has to go fuck himself. (Note: This list is made in no particular order)

Joe Buck & Troy Aikman: These Brett Favre apologists were the wrong fuckers to be calling Sunday night's game. You could almost hear tears in their voices. Jesus Christ, Gus Johnson would've blown a fucking gasket over this game, could you PRETEND to be excited for five seconds!?!?

Adrian Peterson: Fuck you for having gloves covered in KY Jelly, you fumbling fuck! "I feel they didn't win the game but we lost it." You said that. Right after the game. Fuck you in the helmet, you purple-headed asshole. That Under Armor-wannabe shit you're wearing must be cutting off the circulation to your brain. As I remember it, the only fumble that the Saints didn't cause was when you and the Favre-meister couldn't get a goddamn handoff right in the backfield....WHEN YOU WERE DEEP IN SAINTS TERRITORY, you shit-eating fuck!

Marcellus Wiley: Fuck off for picking the Vikings! And a double fuck off for saying the Cardinals were in a better spot going into their game against the Saints!

Bill Simmons: Cause fuck him, that's why.

Brett Favre: For whining to the officials early on, like they owe you favors... And for getting one of them to help your jersey back over your pads after you got rocked AGAIN by the Saints' defense... And for stirring up the "will he or won't he retire?" crap already when all you should've said was "no comment," you hick fuck!

Vikings fans who believe the game was "gifted" to the Saints: fuck you, retards. the officials fucked things up on BOTH sides of the ball, so don't act like this was some set up. if anything, the officials gave your team MORE calls early on in the game. and you STILL couldn't beat the Saints!!!

Peter King: Fuck you for mourning the Vikings' loss (read: Brett Favre's loss) first and not giving the Saints their proper due, you bias mother fucker.

Sports media: Here's the thing about the media in general (and ESPECIALLY the sports media): they have a narrative in mind for how they'd like to cover a story or see things unfold AT ALL TIMES. That's everybody. Now, sadly, there are fewer professionals in both businesses who can taper down their thoughts and feelings on something and let the facts and details dictate what should be covered and talked about. Instead, you get assholes who start rooting for Favre, cause it's a "better story to see an old guy get one more run at a title." Bullshit. The truth is, these sports writers wanted to see a guy closer to their age make a run in a young man's game and it would've made them feel a little bit better about themselves.

And finally...My former boss: Yeah, you thought I'd forget, didn't you? Right? See, NOW you can go ahead with that "Black & Gold Super Bowl" ad campaign shit. Go on, dick head, you have my permission. Fuck you, you overweight prick.


judyb said...

Thank you for putting in to words my feelings about how the Saints are percieved!

Elvis said...



hold your fire.