Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cormac McCarthy likes the NFC action this weekend, thank you very much!

Think they'll give Vilma a cattle gun to take down Favre?

I know what you're thinking: "But Kevin, why'd you misspell Brett Favre's last name? Were you trying to be funny?" Well, yes and no.

I say "no," because I realized about 20 minutes into building this thing (during breaks at work, mind you) that I spelled the fucker's name wrong. And since I'm too lazy to fix this shit, I decided, fuck it, I'll make it like "Something About Mary." So there you go.

Of course, looking at it now...I probably SHOULD have either gone back and fixed it, or at least tried to match the misspelling on Favre's jersey. And then I probably could have maybe put another couple players on the poster to cover up the dead space...

Fuck, I need to sleep...

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