Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bobby Knight: LSU Men's Basketball coach

I'm so happy to be the fucking coach of the God Dam LSU Tigers!

All you media assholes can kiss my ass.

You blood sucking media types probably wonder why Skip Bertman would hire me.

You know...since LSU fans hate me after the 1987 and 1981 loses I dealt that freak defense using retard Dale Brown.

Well I'll tell you how I became coach of LSU...I stuffed Bertman in the garbage just like a did that shithead Tiger fan in Philadelphia.

And made myself coach..

Knight points to aluminium can in the back of the room as Bertman struggles to get out.

If you thought John Brady was unlikable, surly, and played a boring brand of hoops..wait till you get a load of me!

The P-Mac will be so empty I'll be able to practice firing off my shotgun at halftime....the downside of that is I probably won't hit anyone...the only thing more fun then hunting is shooting actual people and calling it an accident...Bobby Knight doesn't have Fucking accidents!

With me as coach LSU Basketball will be the same fucking boring, mind numbing experience it is now and there isn't a God Dam thing you can do about it.

It's just like what I told Connie Chung about rape...if there isn't anything you can do about it you should just sit back and enjoy it.

Isn't that right, Dickie V and Digger?

Dick Vitale and Digger Phelps nod in agreement

The General is back baby...Robert Montgomery Knight!

Dick, shut the fuck up...I liked you better when you couldn't talk.

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