Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mickey Loomis, pay this man!

This fun loving cat to your left is Saints' wide receiver Marques Colston. He's set to make a 2008 base salary of $445,000. Since being drafted THIRD TO LAST in the 2006 NFL Draft, Colston has recorded 168 catches, the most by a player in the first two years of his career...EVER.

His numbers, year-by-year:

2006: 70 catches, 1038 yds, 8 TDs
2007: 98 catches, 1202 yds, 11 TDs

He becomes a free agent following the 2008 season. Note to Mickey...don't dilly-dally around (and yeah, I just wrote the words "dilly-dally") and sign this dude before training camp hits. Otherwise, you'll be hearing it from the fans on the drive-by-radio shows and such.

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