Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bruce Bowen Looks Like He'd Enjoy a 'Bud Ice' or 'Bud Dry' ...

(Tip of the Hat to Hell Yes, Guy!.)

Back when I was still in college (shit, even now at 27), I'd go into a bar/pub/burlesque house/whatever and find some douchebag sippin' a Bud Ice or Bud Dry. Now, I admit that I was quite the beer snob at 22 ("wait, you're NOT drinking a Newcastle/Guinness/Harp? fuck you, then!") and even have a bit of that venom to this day ... I've calmed down over the years as I've realized that sometimes a guy just needs to get a buzz on the cheap. That's where Miller Lite, MGD or even "The Champagne of Beers" come in. Shit, I've even kicked back a Bud Light once in a blue moon (the expression ... not the beer).

But I have not and WILL NOT partake of the Bud Ice or Bud Dry. Might as well be ordering a goddamn Steel 211 on a Tuesday. Bruce Bowen strikes me as the Type O' Guy to enjoy Bud Ice/Bud Dry on an all too common basis. And I say "strikes me" because, well, that's just what Mr. Bowen does ... he STRIKES YOU. Repeatedly. And then makes the "what, me?" face while you're wincing in pain on the floor.

Look at the photo of Mr. Bowen up top. That smug look on his face just oozes with "yeah, I kneed Steve Nash in the balls...I jump kicked Wally Szcerbi(whatever the fuck)iak in the face like I was Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat. And I just stomped on Chris Paul's softy spot...So the fuck what?"

Well, the NBA finally decided to grow a pair (I guess to make up for CP3 being without for the time being) ... and SUSPENDED Mr. Bowen for one game, ending his streak of consecutive games played. Excuse me while I fire up the smallest violins in the world for you, Bruce.

Hey, I know I'm kinda late to the 'Bruce Bowen is a thug' party, but I gotta get this shit off my chest. It's been a semi-rough week at work and I need to say my peace about Bowen crushing Paul's Balls. I'm a Hornets fan, what do you expect?

What bothers me is that I didn't see (noted Spurs Blog) Pounding the Rock discuss the matter. Either they've already talked about Bowen's "reputation" or they simply didn't think it necessary to go over yet another example of their goon's antics. Whatever. I'd like to invite somebody from Pounding the Rock onto "Forecast Radio" with Ralph and I to have a talk about what Spurs fans really think about Brucey's behavior.

Mr. Bowen, of course, doesn't think he's a 'dirty player' and vehemently denies doing anything wrong to Chris Paul. "I'm a Christian," he says.

I say ... Enjoy the Bud Dry and Bud Ice, sir.

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