Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Forecast: Hornets a bunch of Ankle Grabbers?

Well, Ralph Malbrough over at WWLTV.com gives his weekly Hornets recap. Watching the Bulls TV crew during the Hornets game last night was actually pretty interesting as they went crazy because the Bulls couldn't stop Chris Paul. At one point, Bulls color analyst Stacey King yelled, "Could we at least attempt to guard him!?"

By the way, I'm officially a Hornets convert, we have to keep them in New Orleans if only to be able to watch Chris Paul for ten more years.

Malbrough actually makes a good point about the fact Tyson Chandler is the same player he was in Chicago but Chris Paul makes him look really good.

Of course, it was really hard to find the column with all the teachers having sex with their student stories on WWLTV.com lately.

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