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Forecast: While America sleeps the Hornets keep rolling

Ralph Malbrough over at previews the Hornets upcoming week, wonders why CP3 isn't a serious MVP candidate, and makes fun of Canada.

Forecast: While America sleeps the Hornets keep rolling
By Ralph Malbrough

You’ve probably heard the following things said about the Hornets from NBA analysts:

“A team with no playoff experience never wins the NBA title”

“Even though they have a better record than everyone in the West, they don’t match-up

well with most teams in playoff series.”

“Chris Paul is great but everyone struggles during their first playoff experience.”

While the national basketball media has finally acknowledged the Hornets aren’t likely to fade down the stretch in the ultra competitive Western conference, they still don’t think New Orleans is really a capable of a deep playoff run.

Yes, it’s unlikely the Hornets can win the NBA title this year but a really nice playoff run is very likely, especially if the right match-up happens.

The Dallas Mavericks would be the best possible opponent for the Hornets I think.

Chris Paul can dominate Jason Kidd with his quickness.

David West and Tyson Chandler would have their way inside against Eric Dampier and Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk will miss two weeks so the Mavericks might not make the playoffs.

Golden State would be a trendy pick to beat the Hornets if they meet in the playoffs.

While Baron Davis against Chris Paul would be almost even, Tyson Chandler should be able to dominate the boards against the smaller Warriors.

The key would be Chris Paul controlling the game and not letting the game turn into street ball.
While those two teams would be good match-ups for the Hornets I think Utah and San Antonio would be bad ones.

Both of those teams have proven they can win game sevens and are extremely tough at home.
The Jazz actually worry me more because of Deron Williams. He is the on guy that has shown he can really control and frustrate Chris Paul at times.

Of course standing in the West change drastically by the day, just ask the Rockets.

We’ll know a lot more where the Hornets could finish after their upcoming six game road trip.
Hornet’s week ahead

Tuesday: Hornets at Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have fallen apart on Larry Bird’s watch. True it’s not all his fault but it is interesting that Larry Legend may be sent packing by the Pacers.
Indianapolis has decided they don’t like the Pacers team right now and attendance has tanked.
Not that anyone has noticed but Mike Dunleavy has suddenly started living up to his huge contract.

Wednesday: Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers

This might be a really bad spot for the Hornets. LeBron James might be able to have his way with the Hornets on the second of back-to-back games. Is it just me or has Cavs management done a poor job of surrounding James with good talent?

Quick name another Cleveland player and prove me wrong.

Friday: Hornets at Boston Celtics

I’m going to give a shout out to the fans filling the Arena last week. Two sellouts and a decent Monday crowd to watch the dreadful Bulls.

The Hornets beat the Celtics last Saturday and Chris Paul was only really good as opposed to the best point guard in history.

If you think that last statement is a bit crazy look up his stats, Paul is literally having the best season a point guard has ever had. If Paul averages 20 points, 12 assists, and 3 steals for the season he will have completed the best season statistically for a point guard ever.

Yet, he’s third in the MVP race?

NBA Media: Where I don’t really pay attention happens.

Sunday: Hornets at Toronto

The Raptors appear to be sinking like a stone in kiddie pool known as the Eastern Conference. I guess it has something to do with Chris Bosh being injured lately but it’s probably because Canadians only care about hockey and beer.

I have no idea.

Do you really think I watch Raptors games?

Ralph Malbrough is a Hornets fan living in Houston. He can be reached at

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