Thursday, March 20, 2008

Warning! Obligatory Soccer Post!

Greg Lalas of Sports Illustrated went to Italy to watch some minor league soccer teams go at it and is happy to report that the American game (The MLS) is better than the Serie B league!! Hoorah! Actually, I'm not sure that's the best news in the world. I mean, sure...Europeans are gonna have the stuck up, "Americans? Bah!" attitude about Major League Soccer, but the league is fairly competitive and entertaining more often than not.

Saying that the MLS is better than Serie B is not necessarily a compliment to the American game, Greggie. I wonder if Lalas' column was really targeted toward the non-American crowd.

Of course, Greg is the brother of Alexi Lalas, the GM of the LA Galaxy ... Alexi's job since getting David Beckham has been to pimp the league every which way. Maybe Greg is just picking up the slack. I dunno...

I also learned last night that the universe is shaped like a soccer ball, AKA a "dodecahedron." Chuck Norris should try fighting in that! (Hat Tip to for getting me there)

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