Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can we keep the music stars off the practice field?

Hey, that's Bobby Hebert's number, man!!

Look, I'm sure Coach Payton thinks it's all nice and cool to have celebrities at camp, but why is Kenny Chesney out there catching punts and passes?

Musicians should not be allowed to come out and practice with teams, ESPECIALLY when they're open to the public. What's next, Eddie Vedder doing blocking drills with the Seattle Seahawks?

Maybe I'm less worried about the fact that celebs are out at practices, and more so that the Saints didn't do so well last year when Kenny Chesney showed up at training camp.

Hey Coach, you need to relegate this guy to the practice squad post-haste!


dlcsaints said...

i thought that was mortens number. bobby was #3

dillyberto said...

I agree.

It does help with the PR, though.

Because of Chesney, Coach was on the Mike and Mike show yesterday.

onomeojo said...

Hebert was #3.