Friday, August 22, 2008

Holy Shit, the Shogun is Dead!

I mean, I was JUST thinking about this guy the other guy. And last week, too. There's probably not a week goes by that I haven't thought about this cat. And now he's gone...and at such a young age, too.

That's right kiddies, pour a little bit outcha forties for the meaniest, prettiest, baddest mo-fo, low-down, around that town they called Harlem. Sho'Nuff himself, Julius J. Carry III, died August 19 at the age of 56 after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer. Top 5 80s Villain, without question. Right up there with Johnny Lawrence from 'The Karate Kid,' Duke Best from 'Rad,' Jerry Dandridge from 'Fright Night' and Xur from 'The Last Starfighter.' I'll be interested to hear what Berry Gordy, Vanity and Taimak have to say about Carry's passing.

So long, Mr. 'Nuff. And may a choir of angels kiss your Converse, sir.

Who'd you think I was talking about? NFLPA Head Honcho Gene Upshaw? Shit no, man. In fact, what'd he die of anyway?


Pancreatic cancer.


Holy. Shit.

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