Monday, July 14, 2008

Billy Packer went Sopranos on UNO?

Holy Crap, WWL-TV Sports Director Jim Henderson tore outgoing CBS college basketball douche Billy Packer a new asshole on Monday.

Ol’ Hendu said that back in ’82, he and UNO Athletic Director Ron Maestri had arranged to have breakfast together so that Packer could give the Privateers suggestions on how to make the basketball team actually win games and draw fans. Impossible task, we know, but his suggestions were straight out of the Tony Soprano playbook. That’s “Soprano,” not “Sporano.”

Packer’s one and only brilliant suggestion? Build dorms on UNO's campus, using a company he was associated with as the primary builder...

We all knew Packer was a douche bag and humorless jerk who has no idea what the Internet or cell phones are, but who knew he liked to go all Tony Soprano on Mid-Major basketball schools.

Packer: “Hey, UNO! Yous guys need to build yous some dorms wit ma union crew! I know a guy who daws faubulaas woirk.

“I tell yous, they’s gonna be some fine fucking dorms. Not as nice as ACC ones mind you, but good ones.

“Did I's mentions I played at Wake fucking Forest? I never took construction or nothing, but my guys they can build shit. You'll be pleased.”

Billy, thank God you're gone, may you never resurface on basic cable.

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