Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I love: Message Board Moderator

Oh Message Board Moderator how I love thee.

While some might say you're a 55 year old fat loser that has over 15,000 'Posts' and is the Internet version of Cartman from 'South Park' .."You will respect My Authoritaa!", I know that's not the case.

While alot of people think you probably haven't seen a vagina since you were birthed, I know that you probably have a very loving family that you see for the 45 minutes a day you aren't guarding the 'Saints Community' from spam, porn, and hateful posts that are derogatory towards our favorite Saints player!

You are a guardian angel in an ocean of Diarhia!

You keep bloggers from from pimping their posts and podcasts with cool guests from around the country away from fans ears so that GFBIGTENTSAINT57 can create his 45th thread talking about Drew Brees' wife having a baby and how Devery Henderson is going to start catching the ball and become JERRY FUCKING RICE!

Sorry, I know you frown on bad language and ripping shity Saints players a new asshole.

You protect Jason David from the meanness of the Internet and for that I love you.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, were you kicked off a message board recently for trying to spam your worthless blog?

It sure seems like it. The thing about the internet is that it opens up a subculture of folks who think that just becuase they have thier own little place on the net that what they say is interesting and relevant.

In the case of your's not. I've come here a few times following links from and I have never ever ever read or heard anything from this page that was worth mine or anyone elses time.


dillyberto said...

You are tops!

I love it.

I'm glad GW (moosedenied) steered me over here.

Bastard Son of Fourcade said...

thanks berto, we just like to have a good time and this blog is completely worthless, no deniying that! Four letter words ,cheap shots, and insulting the Saints when they need insulting...we live for it!