Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's been a crazy few days for the Saints

Know what I love about the pre-pre-pre-season of the NFL? How just before training camp, a fan can get woeful news that his team just signed a loudmouthed oafish jackass to the squad, and the within two days learn that this same team renegotiated a contract extension with one of the leagues best receivers to keep him on the squad (and happy) for the next three years. Yep, the Saints have taken care of their second most important offensive cog (behind Drew Brees, of course), in giving Marques Colston a big, fat extension.

No word on what it's worth, though, but who really gives a shit? The fact is...Colston signed on the line which is dotted and is heading up to training camp.

Psst, hey Marques! You don't have to live in a towel bin anymore! In fact, you can probably buy a money bin, store your cash there, and swim around in it from now on. Hell, invite some of the guys over. Have a blast! Just watch out for Shockey, though...

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