Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rays 'Get the Devil Out' ... Sit Atop AL East

So we're halfway through the MLB season and the Tampa Bay Rays are STILL atop the American League East, extending their lead over the second place Red Sox with a win last night at the Tropicana.

As a Red Sox fan, I'm flabbergasted to see the Rays at the top of the standings. However, if the Sox have to look up at anyone for the time being...at least it's not the Yankees.

So, why the post? Well, the obvious claim I've heard from the sports radio folk is the ubiquitous, "Hey, they change their name and look what happens?" Yeah. Seems logical. Or, more precisely, this team "Got the Devil Out."

"Got the devil out" is an expression my dad uses whenever he's dropping a deuce. Why? Because at his age, going number two feels like he's exercising a demon from his colon. Hey, the man's not exactly the paradigm of good health, but so what? It's a hilarious phrase to describe pooping. AND...to describe how the Rays have gotten better. It just so happens the franchise literally 'Got the devil out' of their name. Made it pretty easy for me to come up with the analogy. Sometimes life's good like that.

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