Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hornets skullf**k NBA Champions on the road

Here's all you really need to know: Hornets 102, Spurs 78. The DEFENDING NBA CHAMPIONS. Those guys. The same team that crushed LeBron James and the Cavs in four straight last season in the Finals. They WERE 20-4 at home heading into the game.

Hornets outscored the SAS 60-35 in the second half, en route to their eighth straight win. Read more.

Pounding the Rock, a Spurs blog, decided to go with a simpler, more succinct message: Greg Popovich was outcoached by Byron Scott. Popovich allowed Chris Paul to run pick and rolls all day and dish to whoever he wanted, whenever he wantd. Read more.

Now, this win is far more enjoyable other than the reasons I've just laid out. I REALLY dislike the Spurs. Wait, scratch that...I LOATHE the San Antonio Spurs. And here's why:

I once dated a woman/drug head/ex-stripper/skank who loved the Spurs and--more importantly--Timmy Duncan. She wouldn't shut up about Duncan whenever we got on a basketball discussion. I maintained general indifference to the Spurs and their not-so-loud leader until the day came for me to break with the aforementioned "lady." Since then...the Spurs and Mr. Duncan have been on my shit list. You can call it petty and sad all you want, but the fact of the matter is I'll be 90-years-old in a senior citizens home and fist-pumping with my pudding if I see the Spurs lose.

And not only did they lose...not only did they lose to the Hornets...not only did they lose to the Hornets at home...but they got SKULLFUCKED by the Hornets at home. Ahhhh...


Nick Papageorgio said...

Jesus, your stipper ex-girlfriend? Come on. You still hate Phish because of the hippy you dated in highschool. It's time to let go, and accept Tim Duncan and Page McConnell as your saviors.

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