Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Momma always said you'd be the...chosen one"

I promise that's the one and only "Sopranos" joke I'll make about this hire. Bill Parcells gets one of his guys from Dallas to be head coach, and the Dolphins franchise gets a serious shot in the arm. Hopefully, Joey Porter will likely have to file change of address forms...oh well. Read more.

And how bad are things going for the Cowboys this week? Eli Manning grows a pair in Big D for the playoff game, Terrell Owens loses his emotions during the postgame presser, Patrick Crayton apparently went to the Devery Henderson School for Overrated Receivers and some horrible drops during the game, Wade Phillips was not buying reality...

And now at least one Cowboys asst. coach has signed on elsewhere, and the offensive coordinator may do the same very shortly. I smell AT LEAST a three game drop next season for the Cowboys. Maybe four. And they won't win the division, either.

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