Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My favorite soccer team shitcans manager after only 8 months

(WARNING! This is a soccer related post!)

The headline above pretty much says it all. "Big Sam" Allardyce parted ways with Newcastle United today after only eight months with the club. Allardyce got the team off to a rousing start for the year, going unbeaten in its first five matches, but then the wheels came off fast...I think Newcastle recorded only one win in its last six games.

Newcastle fans really pushed hard for the man's canning, but what good does that do? Since January of 1997, the team has had eleven managers. To be fair, four of those managers were just one game fill-ins. The fifth guy takes over for a game and that may be it for him, too. Anyway...that's six managers in 11 years with multiple games. Not even a two year average coaching lifespan.

No sports franchise can succeed with that sort of instability. I may not have been happy with the results thus far from Sam Allardyce, but he deserved better than to be driven out with not even a full season's worth of results.

Newcastle fans really need to sit back and be patient with the next guy, otherwise the club will be viewed as a poor job choice...if it hasn't been labelled as such already.

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