Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jessica Simpson:Ruiner of America's Team

Sure, it would be fun to pile on Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

And who wouldn't want to pile on Jessica Simpson. I would do it even if her Dad was in the room. Joe don't just sit there and stare while I hump your daughter! Grab my balls or something.

Seriously though this meltdown was easy to spot. The Cowgirls hadn't played well since they beat Green Bay and we had to know Wade Phillips would eventually be out coached.

Congrats to Tom Coughlin...he might be a grumpy old prick but he's going to his third Conference Title game.

Give the Giants credit for doing the one thing on defense they do well...rush the QB. They brought the heat the second half and as a Saints fan I say this with a shit eating grin, " Drew Brees is the best QB in the NFC under thirty."

Romo is way over rated and before we call him elite let's have him win a playoff game or at least take his girlfriend on vacation with out said girlfriend's dad.
TO just broke down and cried in the post game interview and said it's not Jessica's fault...which of course's all her fault.


Norv Turner is coaching in the AFC Title game. Clean out that Y2K survival shelter, get canned goods, bottled water and all the leftover Katrina M.R.E.s you can find.

The End is near.

Norv Turner won at Indy without LT or Phillip Rivers.

I can't believe I'm saying this but Phillip Rivers and the Charger overall douchiness will have me rooting for New England.

Did you catch Rivers post game act with the fans?

Stay Classy San miserable fucks.

You are so fucking unbearable I'm rooting for New England.

In fact I hope a rioded up Rodney Harrison re-injures Phil the Douche.


Watching New England have it's way with probably the second best team in football Saturday was like watching a surgeon work over a patient.

If that surgeon cheated to graduate med school and was a huge penis

Still watching Tom Brady do whatever he wanted as strangely fascinating.

I'm not sure I can handle two weeks of Peter King and Tony Kornheiser blowing Brett Favre and Tom Brady at the same time.

It's happening...time to start doing Coke in the morning to numb the day.

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