Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trojan man to the rescue?

So ESPN seems insistent that Pete Carroll is a serious candidate for the Altanta Falcons job. Jay Glazer recognizes how utterly ridiculous such a move would be, and lists the previous coaching failures in recent NFL history.

(One note, Mr. Glazer: USC did NOT win the national championship in 2003, dick head -- LSU did. Deal with it!)

But I digress...listen, Arthur Blank, why in fuck's name would you pursue Pete Carroll? Do you suffer from short term memory loss or something, sir? Was it not just a couple months ago that former college coach Bobby Petrino stiffed you guys to the return to the college ranks?

College coaches are--by and large--NOT prepared to be head coaches in the NFL. End of fucking story.

And to Mr. Carroll, why on earth would you consider going to Atlanta? You'd go from Los Angeles (where your a football god, by the way), to a fading sports town to operate a failing team. And don't forget your 33-31 record over four years as a pro coach. You took a Bill Parcells team and went backwards with what in God's name makes you believe that you can turn around the motley crew of Falcons players...

...(Scratching head)...
...(Realizing that I am, in fact, a Saints fan)...

WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING?!? IT'S THE PERFECT JOB FOR YOU, Mr. Caroll!!! Mr. Blank, you'd be an idiot NOT to take Pete Carroll as your head coach. In fact, name him the General Manager, too! Give Pete Carroll as much control as he wants for the franchise! That can't possibly go wrong!

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