Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cue the Morten Andersen victory lap...

Well, Ralph pontificated it earlier this week on the podcast and now it has come to pass: Taylor Melhaff was cut after stoinking an extra point in London against the Chargers. This only stokes the flames of the "Bring back Morten Andersen!" pyre. And the punter Ben Graham was sacked as well. Sorry, I still have some London residue on me...Uh, the punter was "let go" by the team. That's better.

I'm not sure if getting rid of a rookie kicker was really the right thing, especially since we used a draft pick on him; but shit, what do I know? I would have kept John Carney in the first place. Oh well, it seems we're headed toward the inevitable, "let's dust Morten off and trot him out there so nobody will boo us on special teams anymore" move by Coach Payton. Can't say I blame him. He's not exactly been batting 1.000 with these decisions on kickers.

I think Ralph and I might chip in and buy Grandmaster Wang over at Moose Denied a six-pack to help cope with the loss of Sideshow Mehl.

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