Friday, October 10, 2008

Why the Fuck did the saints get rid of Olindo Mare?

(Malbrough over at brings up an interesting point about the Saints kicking game. But remember that Fucktard like Bobblehead. Fuck that guy.)

Now that the Martin Gramatica experience is over, we begin the Taylor Mehlhaff party.

While I really hope all the people that wanted Mehlhaff to win the job can say, “I told you so!” because he becomes the next Morten Andersen, there is no guarantee it will happen.
The Saints kicking game right now is a disaster. Will you have any confidence field goals will be made? And Lord help us if the game is on the line. Until the rookie wins a game with a clutch kick it will be hard to have any faith at all.
This has been Sean Payton’s biggest blunder.
Forget Jason David.
Payton decided to get rid of a Pro Bowl level and clutch kicker in John Carney.
Better kickoffs.
Carney’s weren’t good enough so in comes Olindo Mare.
He went into probably the worst slump of his career, comes out of it, and then gets injured.
Saints cut him for whatever reason.
By the way, Mare hasn’t missed a kick in 2008 in case you were wondering.
So basically Sean Payton’s handling of the kicking game has made mortgage companies think, “ Does that guy know what he’s doing?”
My attitude on kickers is if they make field goals and game winners like Carney did then I don’t care about how good their kickoffs are.
It’s the other ten guys job to make the tackle, not the kickers job to put the ball in the end zone.
So Sean Payton who I think is a really good coach and been very good on personal overall now finds his team with a fatal flaw at kicker.
And the solution: A rookie.
Cross your fingers people.
On to this weeks games
Last Week: 2-3
Season: 14-11

New Orleans (+7.5) vs. Oakland: I figure this game goes one of two ways. The Saints come out flat and the Raiders run the ball down their throat. JaMarcus Russell has a fantastic homecoming and at 2-4 the Saints are given a toe tag for the 2008 season.
Or the Saints come out mad. Mad at themselves for giving away games, the stupid pre-snap penalties, the bad calls by the refs, and just because they are in the Superdome… mad at the Raiders.
A beating commences and Oakland is dragged from end zone to end zone until all the Saints frustrations over the first five weeks are cleansed. I’ll take the latter. You just know the whole Al Davis firing Lane Kiffin has to blow up in the old man’s face.
The bye week won’t help the Raiders.
Saints 45-13

Tampa Bay (+1.5) vs. Carolina: I’m not really thinking the pathetic Bucs offense can get a win but if they did it would really help the Saints and help tighten up the South.
Come on Jeff Garcia! I know you can complete a pass for more than 10 yards.
Bucs 16-9
Atlanta (+3) vs. Chicago: The Falcons are pretty good. They get after the QB, Matt Ryan doesn’t screw things up, and Michael Turner is a power back. And the Bears won’t score enough.
Falcons 23-17
Miami (+3) at Houston: My friend Brian texted me during Houston’s meltdown, “Like watching the Saints without all the agony.” Indeed. Until Monday against the Vikings. How does Houston recovery from that? Oh and shouldn’t the Dolphins play clips from the movie ‘Wildcats’ every time they break out the formation? Of course they should.
Dolphins 27-3

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