Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's not the Superdome, but it'll do.

New Wembley Stadium, one of the many images and/or things associated with England, specifically London. Where the Saints will play one of their home games. Thanks, Commissioner Goodell!!! (Sarcasm, you dickheaded ginger kid.) Here are things to look for between the Saints and Chargers, set to The Clash's "This is England."

Total Yards: Saints - 402.3 ypd; Chargers - 327.6 ypg
Passing YPG: Saints - 310.9 ypg; Chargers - 232.9 ypg
Rushing YPG: Saints - 91.4 ypg; Chargers - 94.7 ypg
TOP: Saints - 31:12; Chargers - 27:28
Third Down Conversions: Saints - 48 percent; Chargers - 45 percent
Points Per Game: Saints - 25.6 ppg; Chargers - 27.4 ppg
TO Ratio: Saints - minus 4; Chargers - plus 1

Total Yards Allowed: Saints - 331.4 ypg; Chargers - 366.3 ypg
Passing Yards Allowed: Saints - 222.4 ypg; Chargers - 254.6 ypg
Rushing Yards Allowed: Saints - 109 ypg; Chargers - 111.7 ypg
Points Allowed: Saints - 23.3 ppg; Chargers - 23.1 ppg
Opp. Third Down Conversions: Saints - 36 percent; Chargers - 35 percent

What does all this stuff tell us?

1. LaDainian Tomlinson and his "fuck-me" toe are not dominating like I thought they would. I care because I took him with the first pick in my fantasy draft. Thanks for fucking me big time, LT.

2. Norv Turner can't manage a defense to save his own fucking life. Anything involving Norv Turner deserves to have the word "fuck" thrown around early and often.

With those two points made abundantly clear, you'd think this is setting the stage for the Saints to run and pass roughshod over the Chargers. I wish that were the case. I believe we're setting ourselves up for a ball-buster of a game, where the Saints look like they're going to win ugly, only to lose in the last minutes.

Chargers - 16, Saints - 14

I'm not happy about picking against the Saints, but hey, these are harsh times we're living in. Oh, look, a "Wallace and Gromit" video set to Bohemian Rhapsody:

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