Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey, look, an LSU post!

I was emailed by my "Guy Who Knows a Guy" following LSU's 14-point loss against Georgia on Saturday. He follows the Tigers very closely and made several interesting points that I share with you now:

"Many people are asking what is wrong with the Tigers in 2008, considering they were returning quite a few players on defense and their offensive line was mainly intact, minus five-yard penalty monger Carnell Stewart. A few things:

"1. Inexperience at QB. Many leave the stadium uttering that the QBs are terrible. They aren’t terrible, just inexperienced. They have made plays this season and during key times. They have made some destructive decisions at times, especially Jarrett Lee. He is in his fourth year playing football and the best the Tigers have at the position. They will grow at the position and eventually be pretty good; patience is key, which many people don’t possess.

"2. The loss of Bo Pelini is hurting. Doug Mallory and Bradley Dale Peveto are quality coaches. They have coached in big games, coached very good players and know football. A lot of ppl are complaining that the duel coordinating system isn’t working and that 1 or both need to go. I disagree w/ the last one emphatically. The first complaint - Mallory and Peveto coordinate the game plan for opponents and Mallory makes the calls. Do they have a Pelini on staff to check them and be a valuable resource? No. That's where some of the prob. comes in. Like the QB play, it’s about inexperience in this case.

"3. Linebackers don’t make enough plays. The D-Line frees up blockers and they dont make plays in space when they need to. Ali Highsmith was a very good college LB and is sorely missed.

"4. Too much faith is put into 44 Danny McCray as the nickel. No. 44 has not made enough plays and his technique isn’t very good.

"5. Chad Jones isn’t on the field enough.

"6. True freshman CB Patrick Peterson is a good player in year one. If he had that spring that he lost because he had to stay in high school, he would be very good. The 15 spring practices would have him playing at an even higher level. He is a good tackler and is good in coverage. His technique is solid. Eugene is shaky at best at times; Hawkins has been okay. Peterson may be the best corner LSU has.

"7. Why does Miles shuffle the punters? Bad enough you have to guess who is punting b/c he is cute w/ the jersey numbers. One is left footed, the other right footed and they wear diff. colored shoes anyway. I pointed that out over a month ago. Jasper hit a 42-43 yard punt yesterday in his only effort. Dalfrey is inconsistent. He hit a 65 yd punt in pre-game before they went into the lockerroom. He hit two punts that didn’t turn over in the game. Dalfrey has one of the best legs I have seen in high school; he is just inconsistent at this level. He was a three-step punter in high school and has been converted to a short two-step punter.

"8. Unaccountability in the receiving corps. Byrd worried about NFL career, didn’t have a great season in wt room. So much so that Tommy Moffitt told NFL scouts during last spring's pro day. Brandon LaFell has dropped balls at times this year, sound familiar? He isn’t the most coachable player, either. Terrence Toliver has not emerged as a solid WR in yr two - very immature off the field and on. Chris Mitchell has been the most dependable of the group so far.

Two of their last three, the Tigers’ opponents scored more than 50. Florida and Georgia are very good teams; and Florida may be the best team in the country, even with one loss."

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