Friday, December 12, 2008

Five quick things...

1. The NFL needs to go to college rules for overtime.

2. Anyone who thinks Drew Brees is overrated is a classic "turd in the punchbowl."

3. If the Saints don't draft a corner or safety with their first pick in the draft, I'm going to fly down to New Orleans, drive to the Saints' training facility on Airline Drive, buy one of those "We're number 1!" foam fingers, and shove it up Sean Payton's pee hole!!!

4. Pierre Thomas proved that acquiring another running back should be lower on the list of off-season priorities. (In order: cornerback, safety, linebacker, defensive end, running back, quarterback -- Brunell ain't getting any younger, and wide receiver.)

5. Fuck Chicago. Fuck them in the ear, the pants, in Dick Cheney's man-sized safe, EVERYWHERE.

(Bonus: 6. Hey Reggie! There are some fields in the NFL that are so shitty you simply canNOT make nine cuts on a dime and expect to stay upright. For fuck's sake, son, pick a direction and stick with it!)

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