Saturday, December 27, 2008

I may miss the season finale...

So I've got the girlfriend moving up to St. Louis later tonight. Yeah, that's actually the good news. The bad news is that her mom is driving up with her. Now, the G.F. has watched football with me when she visited up here about six weeks ago. If it were just her, I'd have no problem watching Drew Brees go for the passing record. With her mom up here too? Shit, we can throw all those well laid plans out the fucking window.

So I have to ask: is permissible to miss a football game to deal with getting the girlfriend settled in AND keeping her mother happy as well?

And before you ask, "Dude, how old is your girlfriend, like 12?" No. She's 23 but her mother is one of those, "my little snowflake shouldn't be driving 10 hours by herself" types. We all know those moms.

And before you ask, "Dude, why didn't you fly down there and drive up with her yourself?" Reasonable question. This suggestion was brought up to me only a month ago, when airfare was going to be about $290 for a one-way flight from St. Louis to New Orleans.

With all that information, I ask you again: is it permissible to miss a football game to deal with the girlfriend AND her mother?

And yes, I will be keeping track of the game on my cell phone every five minutes.

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Wang said...

Not enough information to make an intelligent decision. One crucial variable that could tip the scales...

Would ya bang her mom?

And if so, then a followup question: Could ya? You know, does missing the game help toward that end?

Because in that case, go forth young man, and may the wind be at your back.

Otherwise, you're back at square one. I've found that when dealing with interpersonal dilemmas of this nature, it helps to ask myself... "What would Jeremy Shockey do?"