Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Appropriate versus Inappropriate

Time for another edition of...what's that? We've never done this one before? Well then...time for the FIRST EVER edition of the new multiple choice game show: Appropriate versus Inappropriate (from the makers of 'Good Idea, Bad Idea')

Tell us which of the following cutouts are "inappropriate":





E) All of the above

F) None of the above

If you answered "C" then you're correct. A rape trial is not funny. But making fun of a guy's infidelity with his wife? TOTALLY acceptable. There's the challenge all you Utah Jazz fans: find a way to make jokes about Kobe's wife's MASSIVE 'Forgive Me' ring. (Hat Tip to Deadspin for that photo)

As for option "D" ... Eva Longoria is far game, provided it's handled in a sensible manner, like so. The guy simply pasted her head on top of a Honeybee cutout. No big deal. It's amusing. (Hat tip to for that photo)

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