Friday, May 2, 2008

Ryan Perrilloux, we hardly knew ye...Actually, we FINALLY have had enough of ye...

Nothing like a six sentence statement from head football coach (and absolute blabber-mouth) Les Miles on the dismissal of QB Ryan Perrilloux.

All the off-field shenanigans finally caught up with the young kid, who had a promising future ahead of him as the starting QB of a defending national championship squad. Instead, he chose to piss it all away with whatever incident broke the camel's back, or in this case, the patience of the head coach.

With Perrilloux seemingly destined for transfer-glory, LSU's 2008 roster now has five quarterbacks on it. Five?!? Has Les Miles stolen a play out of Jon Gruden's book? Those five QBs are: Jordan Jefferson (Freshman), T.C. McCartney (Freshman), Rodney Scioneaux (Sophomore), Jarrett Lee (Freshman) and Andrew Hatch (Junior). Not a hell of a whole lot on the experienced side, that's for sure...But I'm damn proud that Miles took a stand and made the point--for all to see--that this is his team and he will not be afraid to run somebody off for defying team policy.

Of course, I wonder how long the radio blowhards and the rest of the "intelligencia" in Baton Rouge decide to crush Les Miles for the decision after LSU racks up three or more losses in 2008-09?

I think Les Miles and company deserve a mulligan heading into this season; you lose your defensive coordinator AND your starting quarterback, I think the public needs to be ready to cut some slack for the man. Of course, it's college football, so the fans will likely be hanging Les Miles in effigy by week four...

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