Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kick them when they are down

When is the best time to kick a man? When he's flat on his back, of course. It's so much easier.

The Hornets will attempt to show America that the inevitable is upon us: Kobe vs CP3 for the right to beat Detroit for the NBA Title.

Everyone will expect the Spurs to come out and give the Hornets a beat down but, we haven't seen Chris Paul do one thing in these playoffs yet: and that's drop the buzzer beating dagger.

My Prediction is Peja hits a corner three after Paul drives the lane.

R.I.P the Spurs and their dull, boring, lifeless basketball dynasty.

Yeah, they were great, but goddamn it was boring and America didn't give a shit.

Oh and for the love of God to all the New Orleans media: Could you ask just one decent question at the post-game interviews? Yes, I'm fucking talking to you, Ed Daniels. If you don't, Popovich might strangle the life out of you.

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