Sunday, May 11, 2008

'Frenchie' needs to feel 'The Pain'

It's simple really...the Hornets need to contain Mr. Desperate Houswife. I'm not saying hurt the man, but rough him up a bit.

What do analysts call it? A professional foul? Hey that'll do.

The Hornets get another chance to put the hammer lock on the Spurs, but getting a win in this game four will be a lot harder than against Mavericks.

In game three against the Mavs, CP3 and David West stunk and we knew that wouldn't happen again.

San Antonio is different. First, they hold the title so they won't go quietly and second, Tim Duncan hasn't been dominate yet...that's a problem.

My gut says Spurs play great tonight and coast to a win..setting up a Super-Sized game 5 in New Orleans...and the Hornets will officially feel playoff heat for the first time.

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