Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Orleans, say hello playoff basketball

I could join in with the chorus of doom and gloom about the Hornets crap like performance against the Spurs in game four but why bother?

What's done is done.

The cool thing is now New Orleans gets to experience nail biting, high intense, win or else basketball.

Welcome to game 5.

I'm not worried about Chris Paul..he'll be fine.

David West is another matter.

The Spurs Fabricio Oberto is in David's head and as Charles Barkley said in TNT's post game. "David needs to knock him hard early then forget about it and just play."

The Chuckster has this series pegged perfectly.

He said the key is Peja. And he's right.

Peja needs to get 20 on Tuesday or the Hornets season may end in a four game train wreck.
But no need to be negative...let's all embrace the hugeness of Tuesday night...

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