Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't kick to him! Don't kick to him!! Ah, F*CK, they kicked to him!!!

Sean Payton said the Saints did not want to put the ball in Devin Hester's hands. How's that plan working out so far, coach? Oh yeah...IT FUCKING DIDN'T HAPPEN!! See the game recap on AOL Sports.

The injuries continued to pile up for the Black and Gold Boys on Sunday in the Windy City, as Marques Colston, Terrance Copper and Jason Craft found their way to the sidelines before things ended. They join Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, Mike McKenzie, Jammal Branch and Aaron Stecker on the back of the plane home as guys who need to stretch out over two seats with the ice packs.

But on the plus side, at least we know who's kicking for us next year, right? Right?

What position do the Saints target in the draft first? Linebacker or cornerback? OR does that depend on who the Saints can sign in the off-season?

Speaking of the off-season...who gets their moving papers? Devery? Eric Johnson? Jason David? Olindo?

Why am I having flashbacks to the Jim Haslett era?!? FUCK!!!

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krolowonder said...

Yeah....did you see him tear Weatherford and Mego a new one?

As for the offseason, I'm curious to see what Devery gets offered. I don't see him getting more than the minimum, if anything, from us. I wouldn't mind Eric Johnson coming a back-up. He is the master of the 3-yard out-route-then-get-tackled-in-a-horrific-looking-way. We need someone who will be allowed to run a seam route.

As for Jason David, this says it all: "....."